Here we go – very kind words from Gene Buzzard, blogging on the Sundance site. You can read the whole article right here, but here’s The Tunnel‘s extract:

The three films presented at the New African Cinema screening differed in almost everything except their beauty and freshness.  In Tunnel South African filmmaker Jenna Bass brings us into the brutality of the Zimbabwean civil war through the eyes and mind of a remarkable young girl called Rabbit.  Rabbit witnesses her father and the other men of her village digging their own graves, supervised by smartly uniformed government soldiers.  Rabbit deals with this and other atrocities with an elaborate series of fanciful rationalizations that gradually turn into an acceptance of the harshness of her situation that is both courageous and deeply intelligent.  This film is at times hard to watch, but is always absorbing and its authentic depiction of the growing ability of a young girl to deal honestly with an horrific situation affirms the human spirit without letting the rest of us off the hook for allowing such atrocities– this is a film that needs to be seen.


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