More Press!

Want to hear the word on The Tunnel and Africa First but don’t feel like doing a Google Search? Never Fear! We bring you all the coverage right here as it comes:

A write up on INDIEWIRE

An interview with Kisha Imani Cameron (Program Director, Africa First) on the three films in the New African Cinema program at Sundance on

And, most excitingly, a review over at the amazing blog AV Club by Noel Murray (For the entire article, click here):

Jenna Bass’ “The Tunnel,” about a little girl using stories to help explain (and escape) what happened to her father during Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland Massacres of the early ‘80s. The specificity of the short is remarkable, given that it’s only 25 minutes long, but the real selling point of “The Tunnel” is the imagination Bass puts into the storytelling from both a structural and visual perspective. The story itself is nested in an oddly organic way, with one flashback leading to another, and Bass even inserts a few lovely animated sequences. It’s a strong piece.


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