The Crew

dsc_0545JENNA BASS is The Tunnel‘s writer, director, unwilling producer and general responsible person. She is 22, a director, writer, photographer, aspiring explorer and retired magician living in Cape Town, South Africa. She says ‘wow’ a lot, dislikes money and excel, likes tofu ice-cream and thinks werner herzog should have won the oscar. 



JACQUES DE VILLIERS: Editor.  Jacques has put up with Jenna through a surprising number of projects, even letting her sleep in his car, and with The Tunnel has signed on for another. In between freelance editing on music videos, television and his own projects, Jacques even has time for a girlfriend. How does he do it? Watch and find out…

orliORLI BARNETT has generously, of her own free will, signed up as general pre-production assistant, which at the moment means spending hours in front of a computer. We like her a lot and hope we can convince her to stay on. Thanks Orli!



Jacques KJACQUES KOUDSTAAL: Director of Photography – another Jacques. We’re going to have to give him a pseudonym to make life easier… When he’s not shooting, Jacques is a full time kitten minder. His surname, means “Cold Steel” in Dutch. Respect. 




ElwinELWIN BUCHEL: Gaffer (Lighting) Everyone loves Elwin. And so they should. As can be seen from this photo, light loves him too. He’s currently in line for a job on a TV series. We hope he gets it. But we also want him on set with us. Either way, we will still love him. We just can’t help it. 




FAHEMA HENDRICKS: Focus Puller. Fahema was the first cinematographer Jenna ever worked with and confuses the world by spelling her name differently every day. Her poems and cat impersonations are an essential experience, not to be missed in life. Trust us.  





NICK MARCUS-ROBB: Sound Designer. Nick is in charge of creating The Tunnel‘s detailed aural environment. He is also a talented composer, and has scored over 25 films.  We don’t know him that well yet, but I’m sure we’ll have something funny to say about him soon…







ILANA LOUW: Construction. Somehow we get the feeling Ilana may kill us if we put a photo of her here. So we haven’t. Ilana’s in charge of building the actual tunnel, as well as Elizabeth’s village. On a small budget. Does she have superhuman powers? Very possible. At the very least, we have seen her make something out of anything. And she makes butterscotch. 

JOHN TUREST-SWARTZ was roped in as music supervisor, partly because he lives around the corner from Jenna, but mainly because his knowledge and passion for African music has taken him around the continent and beyond. We’re very excited for him to start work and feel very fortunate to have him on the team.

TYRONE KEOGH: Assistant Director










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